The Wizard Pariah

This is an old unfinished Harry Potter fan fiction piece. I had just finished reading The Deathly Hallows and was inspired to write a story of my own with new characters within the Harry Potter universe. It was a great deal of fun to get into. One day I might actually finish it. Enjoy!

The Wizard Pariah

Part 1: Information and Send Off

It was a tough job, but someone had to do it. It had been 20 years since the fall of Lord Voldemort and though much of the wizarding world was at peace, that did not stop others from following in the Dark Lord’s footsteps. No, catching dark wizards was indeed no job for the faint hearted, but someone had to dispense justice. For that, the Aurors were called into action. Harry Potter, once known as the boy who lived, and his best friend Ron Weasley, were two such Aurors. Being among the high ranks, the Minister of Magic, Kingsley Shaklebolt, chose Harry and Ron to head a new secret Auror training program known only as the E5 project. The concept was that five Aurors in-training with exceptional magical skill would be selected and called upon only in times of great peril. Now was such a time.

“All right guys, listen up.” said the man at the front of a circular oak table in a small dimly lit room. He adjusted his round glasses and ran his hand across his brow, brushing away his jet black hair and revealing a scar that many were all too familiar with.

“Ron, could you hand me today’s issue of the Prophet, please?”

“Sure thing, mate.” said Ron who placed a couple of copies on the table and took a seat next to his best friend. Five individuals took seats around the table and awaited instructions.

“Are we all ready?” They all nodded in silence. Harry began. “Right. So, I’m sure you’ve all heard the news by now. She’s struck again. Ten more wizards have been killed in the past forty-eight hours. Four of whom worked for the Ministry. Now, the Minister has given us full control of the situation and we need to act fast. Keeping this away from the Muggle world is crucial as is closing this case quickly. Miriel has been reported to have been on the move north toward an area just outside of London. We have a contact in Tettenburg who has been keeping tabs on some of her cronies and we’ve been told that she’s looking for someone, but we don’t know who or why. We assume she’s looking for a significant right-hand man, but of course this is speculation.” Harry noticed a hand go up and he paused to acknowledge the question. “Yes?”

“Exactly when did we receive this information, sir?” asked a young man at the table.

“Approximately seven hours ago. We’re not quite sure what her next move will be, but we need to find out who she’s looking for and make contact before she does. As I said before, we’re not clear on the reasons she’s looking for this person, but my instincts tell me that there is a connection.” The room was silent with the exception of the ticking of a large grandfather clock in the corner of the room.

“So, this is it then, Stag. This is the real thing?” said a young woman in a serious matter-of-fact tone, breaking the silence. Harry nodded slowly. She addressed him by the name of his Patronus. It was his code name; everyone in the room had their own.

“I think you’ve all had enough training. You’re ready for this. I have no doubt that you all will do a great job.” Harry met each of their eyes as he spoke. “I know you are all eager to rush to work, which is great and I’m excited to see how you all fair in the field, but I must tell you that you should be careful. Don’t let your position give you a false sense of security. You’ve all worked really hard to get here and so you must do to stay here and to stay alive. Remember, ‘constant vigilance’. Alastor Moody lived and died by those words, he was a great Auror and we all walk in his shadow.” Harry dropped his gaze to the center of the table as he thought of Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody, a man who he admired greatly. In fact, it was Moody who inspired Harry to become an Auror. “You’ve all shown me that passionate vigilance and this is why you’ve been chosen to first become Aurors and next, members of the Elite Five.” Harry paused as someone knocked on the door.

“Come in.” Everyone turned to see who it was.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt,” said a gentle voice. “Harry, when you’ve got a moment, the Minister and the MLES captain need to see you.”

“Thanks, Hermione. We‘re about done here.” said Harry. Hermione gave a quick smile and turned away, slowly shutting the door as she left. Harry looked at Ron and then addressed his group once more. “Okay, you’ll be starting straight away. Oh, and I’ll need up-to-date reports on your progress via the Contact Charm as any other way is not nearly as effective when we need answers immediately. Grab your brooms and meet at the entrance of Auror Headquarters. I wish you all the best of luck.” Harry and Ron stood up and gave a nod of approval to the five individuals who stood with them as they headed for the door. After Ron and four of the five individuals left the room, Harry gently put his hand on the shoulder of the last person as she exited, stopping her in the doorway.

“How are you feeling?” Harry asked the young woman. “Nervous?”

“Yes.” she said solidly. “I’ve got butterflies in my stomach.” She rolled her eyes. Harry smiled warmly at her.

“I know what you mean. I still get those all the time before a mission.” He looked into her eyes, which were partially covered by jet black bangs curving to the left and continued to speak. “Listen, you’re ready, Dove. I reckon I‘ve taught you everything I know. I chose you to lead the Five because you’ve got a particular talent that this department hasn’t seen since Moody and that is saying something.” She gave a slight smile. “I know some of the team give you a hard time, but don’t worry about that. They’ll come around. Just focus on the job and making sure you all work well together as a unit because that‘s most important. You’ve spent five years living and training together and I think they need you as much as you need them.”

“Um, thank you, Stag.” She looked down and smiled almost to herself.

“Not at all. You’re more than capable to handle this. Take care, okay? I’ll see you when you get back.” She nodded and looked at Harry again. He noticed Ron checking his watch and took his cue to leave. With a slight wave, he was off.

The Dove, whose real name was Deceja Winwood, now stood alone in the busy hallway of Auror Headquarters. She stood at the doorway of the meeting room for a moment thinking about what Harry had just told her. Indeed she was talented. She completed her education at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry at the age of 15, a rarity even in the wizarding world. Almost immediately, she went to work for the Ministry to become an Auror. Harry almost turned her away due to her young age, but as he continued to work with her he saw that she was clearly a special case. She also reminded him of himself at times. She, like Harry, never knew her parents and had few friends. The fact that she came from the house of Salazar Slytherin didn’t make things any better for her. Her connection to Slytherin hung over her like an ominous storm cloud throughout her time at Hogwarts. One might have thought that the actions of Severus Snape, a Slytherin hero, before and during Lord Voldemort’s second rise to power would have been enough to rid the Slytherin house of the awful stigma that seemed to follow anyone who was a part of its legacy. That was not to be for Deceja.

Her journey to become an Auror proved to be quite challenging. Not very many Slytherins ever completed the standard three-year training it took to become an Auror let alone something as advanced as being a member of a secret group (which required another two-years) dedicated to stopping the most dangerous witches and wizards. Most in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement hardly dealt with her except in passing, feeling that she couldn’t be trusted. Personally trained by Harry Potter himself, she felt that he was the only person who understood her and who believed in her.

By 17, she had completed her Auror training and as confident as she was, she sometimes doubted her abilities. Now at 20, the youngest member of the Five and team leader, it was time for her to show the rest of the Department what she could do. More importantly, it was time to show herself what she could do.

She sighed heavily, closed the door to the meeting room and went off to get her gear. She didn’t have long before she had to meet her team and be off on her first field assignment.

Part 2: The First Mission

“It says here, ‘The dark witch known only as Miriel, is believed to be behind the latest series of attacks on Ministry officials. A witness, who will remain nameless, says she saw a symbol etched both on the ground and a nearby wall of a distorted letter, “M”.’

Asizah Sessa, also known as Panther, read out parts of the article on the attacks. She noted the picture of the letter she just mentioned and saw thin lines of smoke slowly rising in real time as though it had just happened.

“It goes on to say that ‘Others who saw the letter believe it to be the work of another.’ Hmm, interesting, listen to this!” she said excitedly. ‘Ex-Ministry employee, Mavery Hunter was removed from the Ministry ten years ago under charges of an undisclosed nature and some reports say that he is sending a message to the Ministry officials who had a hand in his removal.’ Oooh.” said Asizah, who was clearly intrigued by what she just read.

“It doesn’t make sense.” chimed in Frederick Peterson, who the team called Dane. “So, Stag is giving us the wrong information, then? He told us that Miriel was behind the attacks. That’s all we have to go on. And who is this Hunter guy anyway? The Stag didn’t mention him in the meeting.”

“Well, that’s among the many things we must get to the bottom of.” interjected Deceja who had just arrived. They all turned to face her. “Our first stop will be ground zero, obviously. We’ll move from there.”

“So, Potter’s Pet,” teased Frederick, “you think you’re ready to lead us, huh? Well, by all means, lead on.” he said with a mischievous grin as he moved in closer to her.

“Oh, will you give it a rest, Dane!” spat Neci Deddens, The Firebird. Her long blood red hair flashed and flared up as she stepped in between them. She wasn’t terribly close to Deceja, but she was fed up with Frederick’s almost constant jibes toward her.

“Relax, Bird. She knows I’m just foolin’ around.” He said. “It’s all in good fun right, Dove?” Deceja rolled her eyes and turned away from the situation.

“Grow up, Dane.” she said seriously. “I’d mind my manners if I were you.”

“Oho! Beginning to pull rank, I see.” Dane laughed. “You know, I still can’t see why he picked you to lead when it’s clear who the real leader should be.”

“Exactly right, Dane.” said Darias George, also known as Grizz, or Bear. He didn‘t want things to get out of hand before they all moved out, so he jumped in. “It is clear who the real leader should be.” There was a pause and silence fell over the group. The only sounds to be heard were the many footsteps and conversation of other employees of the Ministry. Deceja turned toward Frederick and Darias. “And she’s standing in front of you. So please, back down and let her do her job.” Darias smiled politely at Frederick and turned to face Deceja with the same smile. She didn’t return it. Instead she turned and walked past Asizah and toward the doorway which led outside. Frederick chuckled to himself and brushed off the whole thing.

“Let’s get going.” she said coarsely as she tightened the waist-strap to her black mission robes, grabbed her broom and her gear and headed off. Everyone followed except Darias and Frederick.

“Could you be any more obvious, Grizz?” asked Frederick, laughing as he picked up his shoulder pack. “Sure, she’s a knockout, but honestly. Snap out of it now, before it gets any worse. Besides, there’s work to be done.” Frederick turned and headed for the exit. “Don’t do it, Grizz.” He was beyond the doorway and out of sight. Darias followed and he thought about what had just happened. He did find Deceja attractive, but truthfully, he also found her a bit frightening, a fact that no one else knew about. Actually, she was quite terrifying to Darias. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but there was something about her; something beneath her exterior that was unsettling to him. It was something that made him feel that it was best to stay on her good side. Yes, it was probably best not to cross her.

The night was bitter cold. Deceja and her team took to the skies on their broomsticks with great speed. She thought of their destination and what they would do once they arrived. She flew with great determination and purpose as the icy wind beat against her face like crashing waves against a rocky shore. Her jet black hair flowing; flailing freely, her mind was now solely on the mission. She was both excited and terrified and it was this mix of emotion that drove her.

A full hour had gone by when the team arrived at the scene of the crime. They landed behind a nearby building and waited for the last of those present to leave completely before they moved in to conduct their investigation.

“Wait here.” said Deceja. She peered out from the side of the building and noticed officers of the Magical Law Enforcement Squad escorting a handful of spectators away from the area which was magically taped off by a blue oval surrounding the area. When she was sure the coast was clear, she motioned for the team to follow her. They approached the blue oval. Deceja removed her wand from her robes and spoke the words, “Removere Obstaculum!” She didn’t know how useful the spell would be, but she didn’t think it would hurt to give it a shot. Almost immediately, the blue oval slowly changed its color to white and then faded into nothingness. Deceja smiled to herself as she thought about how glorious magic was. She wondered how the Muggles got along without it and felt quite privileged to be apart of the magical world. She took a step beyond where the oval was to get a closer look at the large black “M” on the ground as Frederick and Neci moved toward the letter imprinted on the nearby wall. Thin lines of smoke slowly rose from each of the letters.

“They still look fresh.” said Darius. “What do you think Dece–”

“Extonare!” someone sent a stunning spell from an alley way across the street from the crime scene. A pinkish white burst of light hit Darius in the center of his back sending him to the ground. He screamed in pain as the others turned around and drew their wands, ready to do battle.

“Spread out!” shouted Asizah who took cover on the side of a nearby car as jinxes made contact, shattering windows and destroying the body of the car. Ten individuals quickly made their way from the alley onto the street directly across the way from where Darius lay sprawled on the ground. He slowly tried to force himself up and as he brought himself up on one knee, a jinx came his way threatening to knock him back down. Suddenly, Neci stepped in the way of the oncoming spell, pointed her wand and shouted, “Pelta!” A beach ball sized light blue shield protruded from her wand and deflected the spell back at its caster causing him to take cover; the spell narrowly missing him. Neci quickly helped Darius up and gave a quick horizontal swishing wave of her wand. A thin line of flame rapidly came forth and surrounded the enemy, who was dead set on taking Darius out. The flames quickly rose well above the height of the man and then a most blood-curdling scream came from him as the flames attacked him unmercifully. His body flailed around uncontrollably in the small cylinder of flames as he tried to escape. When the man fell to the ground rolling, one of his partners rushed to his aid to remove the flames.

“Sucan!” shouted a woman. The flames were being drawn into her wand like dust into a vacuum; her wand absorbing every inch of fire while the man lay on the ground, his clothes tattered, his face disfigured. His body twitched as smoke slowly rose from his body.

“ERIC!” the woman screamed as she noticed his appearance. She quickly turned to face Neci, and without a second thought, she screamed loudly; anger and hatred could be heard in her battle cry. She ran straight toward Neci, her wand pointing straight at her as though she were going to stab her. As Neci braced herself for a serious attack, she realized she couldn’t move. Ice formed at her feet and quickly rose up to her neck, completely immobilizing her. She tried to move her head to see where the ice charm came from, but it was no use. One of the attackers from the alley had made his way to the roof of one of the buildings across the street. His wand was pointed at Neci, the sparkling slivery light coming from his wand told her who cast the charm, but she had no time to defend herself against him or the mad woman headed toward her. Darius noticed at the last moment that his teammate was frozen and tried to make it to her in time, but just as the attacking woman came within five feet of Neci, a witch wearing a plum colored hooded robe Apparated between the them with the sound of a pop. She put an arm around Neci and attempted to Disapparate, but not before the other woman grabbed onto the plum colored robes and Disapparated with them.

“Neci!” shouted Darius.

“Extonare!” yelled the man from the roof. The spell hit Darius square in his chest. He went down immediately and lay motionless on the ground. Asizah, who wasn’t too far away, saw from the corner of her eye Darius on the ground, but was in the middle of dueling two other wizards. She quickly waved her wand from left to right blocking the spells her two attackers relentlessly sent her way, but she couldn’t do it for too much longer. The two wizards continued to advance while Asizah’s back was close to being against a nearby parked car.

“Enough!” she shouted. She pointed her wand at the ground and spoke the incantation, “Deflecto Maximo!” the knock back jinx created a three foot deep crater in the ground that was ten feet wide. Cars nearby were dented and pushed aside; the nearest building sustained damage as well. The stone walls and windows had been cracked and shattered. The spell sent both of the attacking wizards flying away from her, but at the same time, one of the airborne wizards sent a stunning spell her way and it hit Asizah in the left shoulder with a force that knocked her back and turned her toward the crumbled concrete.

By this time, Muggles had begun to look through their windows to see what the ruckus was about. One Muggle man on his way home from the grocery store was unwittingly caught in the middle of a duel between Fredrick and a particularly nasty witch as he turned a corner to reach his home. Shocked by how ghostly she looked with her almost transparently pallid skin and her black ragged robes, he stood frozen with fear holding two large bags of groceries.

“Move out the way!” shouted Frederick, but it was too late. Before Frederick could reach the man to save him, he was hit with a stunning spell sent by the witch. The paper bags of groceries ripped as they slammed into the ground causing fruit and other food to be spread around the man as he lay on the ground, groaning in pain.

“Muggles are so revolting.” said the witch in a cavalier tone. She dropped her arms to her sides and sauntered over to Frederick, his guard maintained. “You should join us, you know. A handsome man like you would be a great addition to our group. I’m sure we could think of several ways to use you.” she said with a smile that Frederick found quite charming in spite of her eerie appearance, though he would never say it aloud.

“No thanks.”

“That really is a shame.” said the witch seductively pouting her crimson lips. She pointed her wand toward the Muggle on the ground and sent another, more devastating stunning spell at him, causing him to roll backward two feet. Frederick flinched and quickly swished his wand as if to block the spell, but it missed him. “Are you sure?” the witch said to Frederick, her tone significantly more serious. She did however, have a half smile on her face as she spoke. Frederick sighed and slowly lowered his wand.

“Perhaps. You might want to clear it with my boss first.” he said wiping his brow in relief.

“Wingardium Leviosa!” shouted a voice from behind the witch. Just then the witch began to float, slowly going higher and higher. When the witch rose beyond Frederick’s height, he saw Deceja in the distance raising her wand higher controlling the witch. The dark witch gracefully spread her arms, the movement was followed by a loud slashing sound which broke Deceja’s spell. Instead of falling the fifteen feet Deceja held her at, the witch elegantly held herself up with her own levitation spell. She turned to face Deceja, who was looking up in surprise, and cast a multiple stunning spell. The pinkish white bursts of light rained down with great speed and ferocity. Deceja quickly moved to dodge the blasts and she was almost successful. She was hit in the shoulder, the back and lower leg as she tumbled to the ground head first. The witch began to slowly descend with great style, as though she were a fairy princess. Deceja slowly turned herself on her back in just enough time for the witch to touch the ground and take one step. One step was as close as she would get to Deceja, for in that moment the witch stopped moving and felt her arms and legs being forced toward her. She struggled to break whatever spell this was but had no luck. Deceja, still on the ground, shot a poisonous look into the eyes of the witch and didn’t look away for even a second. Within moments, the witch’s body was as straight as a wand; her arms to her sides, her legs tightly close together. As the pressure became more intense she screamed loudly and it quickly got worse. Soon she began gasping for air and her bones were beginning to give way. Blood slowly began to trickle from her nose and Frederick thought he heard a cracking noise, but paid it no attention as he dragged the severely injured Muggle to safety; the battle was still going on. Hexes and jinxes were going every which way.

Aaaaaah! Please….” coughed the witch. “I…. Ca… can’t breathe.” Deceja was still staring fiercely at the witch when she heard another two cracks from the witch’s body.

“Dove!” called Asizah as she rushed to help Deceja. Deceja didn’t seem to hear because she didn’t respond. It wasn’t until Asizah grabbed her to help her up, that she looked at who was holding her. The witch fell to the ground gasping for air and coughing.

“Are you okay?” asked Asizah. Before Deceja could answer, three wizards and two witches quickly appeared in black blurry streaks to find the broken and exhausted witch’s body on the ground.

“Let’s go!” said one of the wizards. “Grab Ethera and let’s get back!” He sped off and into what looked like a portal of some kind, created by a wave of his wand. One of the other witches pointed her wand upward and moved it in a circular motion. She used a blanket spell to cover the group as they stood together surrounding the injured witch. A thin and bright violet colored blanket slowly fell over the group, but instead of making them look like a bunch of people underneath a bed sheet, it continued to move downward as though the blanket were pushing them into the ground. The blanket lay as flat as sheet of paper on a table before disappearing. The dark wizards and witches were gone. One could hear sirens in the distance.

“We’ve got to go too.” said Asizah. “Quickly now, let’s move.”

“Wait.” said Deceja, who noticed two of the other wizards that Asizah had fought earlier, trying to help out the badly burned wizard, who wasn’t moving. “Hey!” she shouted. One of the wizards saw her approaching and quickly cast a jinx, but in one swift and graceful movement, Deceja spun around while moving her wand in sync with her body and shouted, “Catchus Relfecto!” The jinx swirled around above her and as she pointed her wand at the spells caster, the jinx headed for him and knocked him into the wall behind him. The other wizard sped off in a black blur, perhaps to catch up with the others who left the scene. Deceja wasted no time. She rushed to him and stuck her wand into his neck, underneath his chin.

“What the hell is all this about?” she asked coldly. No response. “You’d better answer me now.”

“You want answers?” grunted the wizard, “I can’t help you.”

“Do you think I won’t kill you?”

“I’d rather you kill me.” said the wizard, still in pain. The sirens were nearer now. The officials would arrive in moments. Deceja stared hatefully into his eyes, her wand still held beneath his chin. No more words were spoken between the two of them. Deceja released him, took a step back and aimed her wand at his chest.

“Blastus Maximo!” she shouted. A thick yellow orange beam shot from Deceja’s wand pushing the wizard through the wall and into the home of a Muggle. She turned and walked away without a second look at the mess.

“Get to the brooms!” Asizah could not believe what she just saw as she led Darius, who was still in a lot of pain, to where the brooms were.

“Dove…” she began, but Deceja paid no attention. Instead she grabbed her broom and hoped on.

“Wait, where is Neci?” Deceja asked.

“She’s… she’s gone.” Darius answered. “Disapparated with some witch.” He grunted as he grabbed his broom and positioned himself for take off. “Where do you suppose she is?”

“We don’t have time for that now.” pushed in Frederick. Look, over there.” The police had arrived. Six cars surrounded the area and it was clear that something serious happened. Immediately, officers got out of the their cars and rushed to the body on the ground and the hole in one of the Muggle homes. People came out of their homes for a glimpse of the destruction, but the officers had to move them away from the area.

“Let’s go, now!” said Frederick. And right then, the four of them kicked off from the ground and headed in the opposite direction of where the police were, leaving Neci’s broom behind.


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